The following is only a partial list of what we can provide to our clients. Prices listed are averages and are subject to change. AGWM reserves the right to adjust prices based on complexity of project. Contact us to discuss your specific valuation needs today!

Residential Services Average Fee
 URAR (UAD Version) with 1004MC
 General Purpose Single-Family Form
 Site Inspection (per trip)
 Form 2055 Exterior Only
 Condominium Form (UAD version)
 General Purpose Condominium Form
 FHA or Rural Development
 2-4 Family Form
 Added Fee: Houses/condos with over 3,500 sf, large acreage, or water frontage
Commercial Services
 Restricted-Use Narrative Format, Industrial 
 Restricted-Use Narrative Format, Commercial 
 Complete Narrative Format, Industrial 
 Complete Narrative Format, Commercial$2,500
 Complete Narrative Format, more than one type of uservaries
 Business Evaluations by individual bid
$2,300 - $3,500
 Court Time (portal-to-portal)
 Other assignments, specialty properties, and consulting by individual bid